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Online Booking FAQs

Our online booking service operates realtime, which means that means that the bookings you place are entered onto our system and actioned immediately - as if you were placing the booking by telephone.

BCCP online booking enables you to:

  • Place live, real time bookings
  • Schedule any number of bookings for future dates
  • Create an easy to access address book of regular pick up and drop off addresses
  • Check proof of delivery details (POD) and delivey times
  • View online reports of jobs broken down by account, job type, date, job number
  • Download reports in CSV format (Excel)

Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

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Which services can I book on-line ?

You can use this service to book the following:

  • Bikes
  • Vans
  • Passenger cars
  • National and International parcel deliveries

What happens if my booking is running late ?

Don't worry, the system is not totally computerised, we still have operators monotoring your bookings, and in the event there is a hold up, we will call you.

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How do I use the service ?

Once you have received your online username and password we will arrange to visit you in person to show you exactly how to use the service.

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Who in my company can use the service?

Anyone you issue your access code to.

Do I pay any extra for the on-line booking service?

No. There is nothing extra to pay.

How do I apply to use the BCCP On-line Booking service?

Simply contact our sales office for an application form and a copy of our terms and conditions of use. Once we have your completed, signed application form, we will issue you with your on-line booking access code.

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